TIM - A4 Thermal Printer

TIM - A4 Thermal Printer

What's new

• exposure speed adaptable to all stencil papers
( higher speeds possible )

• Improved transportability for shipment to the end customer
( risk of damage in parcel service shipping further reduced )

• Software control of functions and components for max. safety
( incl. self-test - and test mode for service technology )

• considerably lower energy consumption
( minus approx. 25% compared to previously known models )

• considerably shorter cooling times
( sensor controlled cooling phases )

• cleanable, special coated reflector for long lifetime
( glass coating allows cleaning from all adhesions )

• improved easy to clean drive roller
( silicone surface very easy to clean with rubbing alcohol )



• Thermal-Copier TIM - based on reliable Infrared-technology
• Made in Germany - based on 15+ years of experience, replacement of the famous A4-model
• Makes crisp stencils within a few seconds, suitable for all available stencil-papers
• Voltage: 110/115 VAC, CE
• Power-consumption: approx. 1000 Watt
• Automatic and fast cooling-process, Software-Control for all functions and components for increased safety, intended for long term operation
• Compact size - dimensions: width 16.5 Inch, depth 7 Inch, height 4.3 Inch
• Weight: 13.2 lbs. only
• Carriers available in 3 sizes small, 11 Inch, 14 Inch long - all width 9 Inch
• Completely packed with Quick-start-Guide, Short instruction ( German/English/Italian ), locally used power plug and carrier standard-size plus test-copy
• Works with laser-prints and -copies and pigment-black-inkjet printers and many types of pimented black pencils
• Special features: all inner parts easy to clean, integrated test-mode (for service purposes), sturdy power-coated metal case, warranty 12 month ( glass-parts not included )