Inox MX6 Lubricant

Inox MX6 Lubricant

15 Gram Tube



INOX MX6 is a synthetic PAO base extreme pressure grease which uses an organo clay thickener formulated to give premium performance and food grade purity.

• Holds the NSF, class H1 food grade approval.
• Synthetic extreme pressure grease containing bentone, PTFE and polyalphaolafins.
• Will work at high temps and has excellent resistance to water washout.
• Highly suitable for all bearings, bushes, chains, hinges, sprockets, slides, splines & couplings, universals and ball joints used in all Food processing Machinery, Beverage Filling Lines, Food Conveyor Lines, Food Packaging Equipment, Freezers and Cold Rooms.
• Ovens - Outside only for hinges and external parts (do not put inside oven)
• Rubber and O-ring grease