FK Irons XION Pen Metal Grip

FK Irons XION Pen Metal Grip

XION Grip Gorilla Black



The Spektra Xion Gorilla Grip has been ergonomically designed to fit naturally into your hand. Its large size eliminates the need to cover it with a lot of grip wrap. The Xion Gorilla Grip has a large 40 mm diameter, providing optimum comfort and eliminating fatigue from clamping around the grip when tattooing for extended periods of time. The multiple grooves in the grip allow your fingers to rest perfectly on the grip without applying a lot of pressure.The Ratchet Disc click system enables adjustment of needle depth by just twisting the grip. Once the needle depth is set, it locks into place preventing involuntary turning.

• Fits all XION models
• Compatible with all cartridges
• Colour: Black
• Adjustable Needle Depth
• Diameter: 40 mm
• Ergonomic design
• Compatible with autoclaves and cold sterilisation
• Made in the USA by FK Irons