Plum - Dermaglo Ink

Plum - Dermaglo Ink

PLUM - Dermaglo Ink

  • 25ml, 50ml, 100ml
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Plum - Dermaglo Ink

25ml (0.83oz) Plum - Dermaglo Ink

Plum - Dermaglo Ink

50ml (1.67oz) Plum - Dermaglo Ink

Plum - Dermaglo Ink

100ml (3.33oz) Plum - Dermaglo Ink

Plum - Dermaglo Ink

200ml (6.67oz) Plum - Dermaglo Ink



What is different about DERMAGLO COLOUR?

Well they are the same colours that have been used by tattooists for over the last forty years. The only difference is the way in which we have processed the colour. It has been micro-dispersed to make it much easier to use. All our colours work with practically no effort whatsoever and they contain no known harmful substances.

Because they work much easier, we find they heal faster than conventional colour with less scabbing which results in less scarring and the skin retaining more pigment and in our opinion, the tattoo heals fast and is a far sharper and brighter image.

All of our inks are vegan friendly and contain no animal products.


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