Thermal Imager Eclipse by Panenka Design - Stencil Image Copier Machine

Thermal Imager Eclipse by Panenka Design - Stencil Image Copier Machine

  • Dimensions: 17” (W) x 4” (H) x 7” (D)

  • 1350 watt output

  • Dual fan cooling; automatic protection from overheating

  • Manual feed switch

  • Maximum carrier width: 9.25”

  • European CE certified; one year warranty covering parts & labor

  • Engineered and manufactured in Germany

  • 110v



Taking it back to a more classic and simple design, Panenka’s “Thermal Imager” is an old-school “thermal” style burner but with high quality results by today’s standards. It is reliable in both performance and safety with features like a manual feed switch and automatic overheat protection, also making this machine easy to maintain and keep jam-free. Thi stencil image copier has a 1350 watt output and is compatible with a 20 amp fuse. The maximum carrier width is 9.25”.  Clear carriers are recommended for use with Panenka thermal machines; please see below for a list of accessories and replacement pieces.

The Thermal Imager is engineered and manufactured in Germany. German Thermal Imagers will only transfer from carbon toner copies (copiers and laser printers); please use carbon-based copies as this will provide the best results. Standard inkjet/CMYK printers will not work since it is not carbon-based, Modern inkjet printers, such as the Canon Pixma models, contain a pigmented cartridge that is compatible with the Panenka Thermal Imager. Please view the gallery of images for an example of a standard ink copy next to a pigment copy, as well as a comparison of the Spirit Classic Purple and the Green stencil paper (on right). The Green paper shows better results on the same speed-setting.

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Additional Information

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