Papa Disposable Cartridge Grip

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  1. $34.95

    • Engineered 33mm diameter grip for maximum comfort
    • Pair this grip with PAPA Finger Ledge to give you the optimal precision and control ever Professional Tattoo Artist Needs! 
    • Best CLICK system for a depth control of 0 - 4mm
    • Compatible with all major brands of cartridges
    • 25 pcs/Box

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  2. $30.00

    BUY 3 GET 1 FREE

    Designed to fit perfectly in your hands

    Compatible with PAPA Pen, Cheyenne Pen, SOL NOVA, SOL NOVA UNLIMITED

    Change cartridges and adjust needle depth quickly

    Each grip is individually sterilized

    25 pcs/Box

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  3. $19.95

    12 pcs in a Box
    Size: 1.25 inches (32 mm)
    Compatible with all major brand of Cartridges
    Included in the Box: Plungers and Premium Silicone Nipple

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