20188SL - Kylin Handmade Brass Tattoo Machine Gun

20188SL - Kylin Handmade Brass Tattoo Machine Gun
The latest research success tattoo machine uses a high-quality low-carbon (silicon),Permeability prominent,Power off fast,Particularly easy to shader ,The needle into the skin color is very saturated,It is definitely a professional level tattoo machine


  • This is a professional shader machine .
  • This frame is the use of 65 high-quality brass .
  • The frame was used the most precision lost wax casting
  • The frame shape of hand-polished by the kylin .
  • The blue syrup, antique colors to make the frame .
  • Solid Construction and Durable Frame with Proven Geometry 
  • Classic Look and Design 
  • Machine characteristics, low voltage, frequency slow,Large power
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Additional Information

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