Rinse Cup Clean-Up

Rinse Cup Clean-Up

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RinseCup CleanUp is the safest, easiest way to dispose of your rinse cup contents. It's easy to use, and works in about less than a minute. When you've finished tattooing, simply squeeze into your cup, wait until it's solidified the liquid (less than a minute) and dispose your cup in the trash. No more leaking trash bags or carrying contaminated water through the shop! It also works great on ink caps too. Each bottle will last through about 90 rinse cups.

Easy to use.

Works quickly (about 30 seconds)

No more leaking trash bags

Reduces risk of contamination from dirty water splashing during disposal

Lasts for about 90 uses (using approx. half a cap full per use)


6.5 oz./180 g bottle

Use more product for faster reaction time

The warmer the water, the faster it works


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