Deluxe Mosaic Machine Kit 120v

Deluxe Mosaic Machine Kit 120v

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Deluxe Mosaic Machine Kit 120V

This machine accommodates both ROUND and FLAT needles, and have a powerful rotary motor, providing ultra smooth, noise free operation. The motor section is sealed at the factory so that it can be cold solution sterilized. The Mosaic features an impressive 10,000-rpm, which is great for seasoned technicians that like a smooth and efficient result in a shorter amount of time. An optional foot pedal is also available for hands free speed control.


The Benefits of This Design Are:

  • A better, more proper penetration of pigment into the skin
  • Less damage or traumas to the skin
  • Up and down only makes a pinhole, thus better and fast healing of area
  • Higher rpm offers technicians smooth results in less time
  • Less touch-ups needed
  • Less fading means more professional results

Machine Size: Approximately 3 1/2 inches