What to do when your tattooing device is broken or does not operate the way it is supposed to:

Sometimes it is not the machine or the grip that is causing the trouble, sometimes it is only a broken/malfunctioning/defective or wrong cable/plug or adapter. Please contact us or you can bring the machine with you to our warehouse to have it check.

 If all of the above did not solve the problem the next steps you will have to take care are as follows:

  1. Send in the defective device including a copy of the invoice a description of the fault and all your personal data, such as: your name, address, e-mail address and phone number to our warehouse:

              11808 Burke St Santa Fe Springs, CA  90670-2506,United States

  1. After the defective device is received, it will then be forwarded and passed on to Cheyenne in Germany.
  2. There, the defect will be analyzed and fixed, if the device is still covered under warranty.
  3. In case of a non-warranty repair, an estimate will be send to the distributor, where the device was originally purchased. The estimate will be passed on to you (the end customer) and you will provide the pre-payment to the distributor, not to Cheyenne.
  4. As soon as the payment was received, the device will be repaired and returned to you.


[1]  The Warranty is obsolete, if the defect was brought on by one’s own fault or caused by: dropping, water damage, using the wrong cleaning        equipment or agents, using copies of Cheyenne Cartridges and after two years (end of Warranty).

[1] Repair at the owner’s expense, return shipment will be send to the distributor who will then forward it to the customer.