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Experience the freedom and comfort that comes with a cordless foot switch. Control the ON/OFF function of Critical Connect Universal Battery or Shorty battery packs through two modes: Continuous & Momentary.


Critical Connect Foot Switch

  • INFO
  • Features & Benefits:

    • Multi-color LED light status & battery life indicatory
    • Non-skid rubber bottom
    • Connect up to (4) Critical Connect batteries to (1) Critical Connect Foot Switch for adaptability & cordless freedom
    • Continuous & Momentary Mode Enabled
    • Critical Connect Universal Batteries are compatible & wirelessly connect with ONLY the Critical Connect Foot Switch (simultaneously, the Critical Connect Foot Switch is ONLY compatible with Critical Connect batteries)
    • Can also be used with any standard clip cord
    • Size: 1” H x 5” D
    • Weight: 8.6 oz
    • 2-year manufacturer warranty
    • Made in the USA
    • (2) AAA Batteries Included
    • Instruction Manual Included