Cheyenne Hawk Hand Grip (33mm) - Black

Cheyenne Hawk Hand Grip (33mm) - Black

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Cheyenne Hawk

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Cheyenne Hawk Hand Grip (33mm).

The Cheyenne New Grip is installed with a new locking sleeve made of ceramic. This component has a significant advantage over the previous locking sleeve of hardened steel. The corrosion susceptibility turns to zero. 

The grip can be cleaned in both hot air and steam autoclaves. The small grip was unfortunately a little thicker, this however does not change its weight. 

Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment provides precisely working machines and sophisticated technology.However, In the highly unlikely event  you experience a problem with your product, warranty is directly covered by Cheyenne, we will give you instructions of how to contact Cheyenne directly to resolve your issue.