Black Sumi - Intenze Japaneze Tattoo Ink

Black Sumi - Intenze Japaneze Tattoo Ink

Black Sumi Outlining Ink
12oz Bottle



Black Sumi Outlining Ink by Intenze is specifically designed for a fast clean line.
The Intenze Japanese Sumi Tattoo Ink was created using historical aspects in order to achieve natural and historic effects on the skin. In order to understand Japanese Tattoo Ink, it’s important to learn about the history. You can learn about the history below.

Brief History of Japanese Tattoo Ink & Painting:

Wash painting was developed in China during the Tang Dynasty and credited to Wang Wei for applying color to existing ink wash paintings (618-907 AD). During the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD), the art of applying color was further developed. Shortly after China’s discovery of the ink, it was introduced to Korea. While Korean missionaries were traveling in Japan, they helped the Japanese establish a civilized settlement in the mid-14th century at which time wash painting was introduced.
Wash painting artists typically grind their own ink stick (Japanese: Sumi) over an ink stone to obtain ink; however, prepared inks were also available. Most ink sticks are made of either pine soot or oil soot combined with animal glue (Japanese: Nikawa). Typically, an artist places a few drops of water on an ink stone, grinds the ink stick in a circular motion until smooth, and black ink of the desired concentration is made. Sumi’s are often ornately decorated with landscapes or flowers, sometimes highlighted with gold.